Esencia y Sabor

Esencia y Sabor is a young company that was born at the end of 2016, but has the experience of a team of professionals that since 2007, when the Castro-Barjola family bought the company Iberitos from Sausages Matías Sánchez (the creators) after the incorporation of new partners, we develop a leading brand in its sector.

These partners put their private interests before the values of the company and they took the company from where it was born: SANTA AMALIA.

After everything that happened, we took a risk, accompanied by a group of workers who believed in the original project, creating this company “ESENCIA Y SABOR”.

In 2019 we returned to SANTA AMALIA, to the initial location where it all began and from where it should never have left.

The first years were hard, with the typical difficulties of the beginning, due to complications we had and some complications that some people have given us.

We work hard and are proud of a job well done, and we humbly request your support for this project, so that you can be a part of it.

We want to continue our path, without losing our principles, a company with a soul, aware of the rural environment and its people, with the true essence of tradition, but with an eye on new trends, with our unsurpassed capacity for innovation, flexibility and closeness.